Yoga for Migraine and Headaches.

Migraine and headaches

Migraine is considered as a severe headache and is a Neurological disorder. It exists in those people who are under stress and it has been found from moderate to an extreme level. Migraine might appear in childhood as well in old age as well. Mostly it affects one half of the head and might last from 2 hours to up to more than 48 hours.
There are different symptoms of Migraine such as nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to sunlight etc. Migraine may run in the families. Mostly it is found in women than men. Many times it shows up during pregnancy time.

Alternative Therapies for Migraine

In India, there is a variety of alternative therapies which are highly suitable for headache and migraine. After having different medications and treatments when there are so many side effects of the tablets, these alternative therapies offer a variety of nice healing to the body. They are useful for the body and they also soothe the mental body. There are many Alternative therapies available and they are as under:-
1. Pranic healing;
2. Acupressure;3. Panchkarma;
4. Reiki;
5. Acupuncture;
6. Marma healing;

Yoga for Migraine

Yoga is a traditional healthy practice concerned with body, mind and soul. The concept of Yoga is to keep body fit, mind calm and soul happy. Yoga has a combination of different movements and has a variety of so many workouts. There are different Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation techniques by which it is possible to get rid of migraine and headaches. There is a combination of these practises and they should follow up in a routine:-
• Surya Namaskar(12 Asanas group)
• Jal Neti and rubber Neti;
• Kunjal Kriya(throwing out salted water);
• Balasana;
• Sukhasana;
• Vrakshasana;
• Savasana;
• Shitli Pranayama;
• Brahamari Pranayama;
• Mantra chanting;
• Mauna Vrat;
• Meditation.

All these Yogic terminologies are designed to cure any headache and migraine problem. They include physical, mental and psychic exercises. Daily to practice them 10-30 minutes may cure this chronic disability within a few months. Namaste.

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