Yoga Teacher Training

Embrace yourself and connect with your inner spirituality in the mystical land of Devprayag as you venture on an intensive, transformational journey with our yoga teacher training in India.

We, at Yog Niketan Dham, offer you a chance to be a part of a life-changing yogic journey. Come be a part of our 100 and 200 hour yoga teachers training in India to get an opportunity to truly immerse yourself in the science and philosophy of yoga while you spend an incredible few weeks experiencing a culture as bright and joyful as India.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy takes into account every aspect of the human life – physical, emotional, and mental. Though most people take their first steps towards yoga through physical practices, it is important to remember that the yogic lifestyle is much more than a few stretched and poses.

All forms of yoga are known to have therapeutic benefits for the human body and mind. Ever since the evolution of yoga around 5,000 years ago, yoga therapy has been deep rooted in our civilization. Practiced by sages and gurus all around the world, this kind of therapy focuses on the healing aspects of yoga through the application of specific instruments such as breathing techniques, meditation practices, as well as postures.

Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Practicing yoga and meditation has been known to improve the quality of life amongst human beings. As several health specialists have proven, following a yogic lifestyle improves eating and sleeping patterns, reduces stress and anxiety disorders, increases metabolism, induces a sense of happiness and fulfilment, and makes us more compassionate towards nature and other living beings around us as well as ourselves. Considering all these factors and much more, our 28 day Yoga and Meditation retreat program has been devised to transform your current lifestyle and bless it with harmony and tranquility.